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e-Boks is a key component of any Customer Communication Management system. The e-Boks platform enables sending sensitive content in a 100% GDPR compliant environment. At the same time, it allows for optimizing and streamlining internal processes and frees up resources.

Expand your business

Add another product to your portfolio and become a partner with e-Boks. Our digital postbox platform offers a unique possibility to expand your business by offering clients a new way of communicating. 

Become a first mover

Timing is everything. When you become an e-Boks partner your success is our priority. We make sure that your transition to a first-mover within digital communication is successful.

White-label solution

Many leading banks, postal services, insurance companies, and government agencies have chosen e-Boks as their preferred supplier of secure digital communication platforms instead of developing their own costly solution.

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Platform as a Service

A partnership with e-Boks is much more than offering a digital postbox to your clients. You will be able to offer a secure communication platform with best in class input and output integrations. 

White-label solution

Launch your own branded digital postbox and let our platform do the heavy lifting. Our platform handles multi-customer management and automatic billing to your end-customers so you can focus on growing your business. 


Our solution is built with privacy by design architecture and the latest security technologies, principles, and procedures. 

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Download the booklet containing everything you need to know about our digital postbox platform.

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Shaikh Mohamed Chief Digital Growth Officer

Shaikh Mohamed Al Khalifa

Batelco Chief Digital Growth Officer

“We have chosen e-Boks because of its value proposition in terms of the ability to offer an effective national level service with a secure and user-friendly digital communication platform ideal for official communications.” 

Provider of national digital post solutions

We have developed solutions in co-operation with public organizations and are provider of national digital post solution in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Greenland and Ireland.

GDPR compliant solution

The digital postbox platform offers a secure and GDPR compliant environment for exchange of all kinds of documents. As an e-Boks partner you immediately get access to this.

Easy integration with other platforms

The e-Boks platform comes with a set of standard postbox features but is also customizable to your organization´s needs. 

Seamless onboarding

It’s quick and easy to get started with the e-Boks platform. We will assist you throughout the onboarding and setup process.

Continuous growth

e-Boks is a market leader with a continuously increasing geographical coverage through an expansive growth strategy

Best practice

e-Boks has worked with digital communication for the past 21 years. We are eager to share our best practice and lessons learned.